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Oils and fuels
Grosstanklager-Ölhafen Rostock GmbH (GÖR) is a joint venture of EUROPORTS and TOTAL Deutschland GmbH. GÖR has at its disposal three tank farms with a total capacity of 700,000 cub. metres that are used for storing and handling mineral oils, vegetable oils and other liquid products. At the oil port, the oil and fuel is put ashore via six berths for ships up to 100,000 tdw, stored, treated with additives if necessary and transported on by tank truck, tank wagon and pipeline.

The berths at the oil port and the tank facilities are connected with refineries in Schwedt, Böhlen and Leuna via pipelines. Five loading and unloading rails are available for loading the tank wagons.

For transportation by tank truck GÖR has at its disposal a modern filling platform with  six loading platforms. Apart from mineral oils the oil port handles naphtha, rapeseed oil, biodiesel, bioethanol, methanol, pyrolytic petrol, xylol-toluol and liquid fertilizer. Modern facilities such as the vapour recovery units and the fully automatic dispatch system comply with high safety and environmental standards and assure a safe storage and speedy handling of the products.

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ISO 9001:2015
Ship/Shore Safety Check-List
Ship/Shore Safety Check-List (Bunker Station)
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Operating Regulations Jetties 01-06 Oil Terminal Rostock
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